2016 Goals Update: Scala Exchange 2016.

Another update as we draw nearer to 2017 (eek!):

  1. Deliver a talk at at least one more conference. 
  2. Help organise a community event.
  3. Finish Coursera’s Functional Programming Principles in Scala (finally!).
  4. Start a home project and see it through to the end.

Scala Community

As mentioned in previous blog posts, getting involved in the Scala community has been one of the most rewarding parts of being in the ‘tech world’. Even just following some of your favourite twitter accounts can really give you a feeling of community by reading the articles and opinions shared.

Going further by visiting meet ups and conferences, like the Scala Exchange, can be quite daunting (lots of new people to meet!). However, when you realise everyone is friendly and approachable (and more notably, in the same boat), you can start to look forward to them. It provides a platform in which you can share ideas and come together to solve reoccurring problems, and socialise with people who you have a common interest with. It’s fascinating to learn what hurdles people are facing in their own workplace and learning how they overcame something you yourself are struggling with. Alternatively, you can pick up on some things they do that would be great for your team (hackday anyone?).

Scala Services in Action

I am so excited to be talking again this year at the Scala Exchange in London this December. This time last year I was nervously preparing for my first time publicly speaking and it became one of the high points of my career so far; stepping out of my comfort zone and into the Scala community. Kingsley and I will be talking about the different frameworks you can use when building Scala microservices. We will be covering all different categories from quality of documentation to user popularity so will hopefully provide a new perspective to everyone in the audience.

Talks I’m excited to see

There are so many talks I am looking forward to this year! It’s really great to see so many ‘introductory’ talks that appeal to not only beginners but also to people who want to strip it back to basics and learn more of a foundation to those topics; there’s always something you miss the first time around. Here are some I’m most excited to see:

  • Learning and Adopting Scala – Emmanuelle Poirier and Dominic Kendrick
  • Establishing Orbit with Shapeless – Dave Gurnell
  • A brief and incomplete history of programming languages – Andrea Magnorsky
  • flatMappy Bird: Functional Flappy Bird – Martin Carolan
  • How to write maintainable Scala code – Peter Hilton
  • Crafty Communications (Scala and Pesky People) – Asher Glynn

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