Scala Conference Round Up 2017.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend several conferences this year and wanted to share a round up of my favourite talks.

Typelevel Summit NYC

Easy and Efficient Data Validation with Cats – Daniela Sfregola

Northeast Scala Symposium NYC

Arrested Developers: What the Scala Compiler & Lucille Bluth Have In Common – Fiona Condon


Building a Company on Scala – Dag Liodden


Type classes in Scala – Łukasz Indykiewicz

The Value of Impossible – Viktor Klang

Scala World

Exploring Decision Trees with Matryoshka – Zainab Ali

Scala exchange

Moving Away from Hope-Driven Development – Andrew Gustafson

Keynote: Composing Programs – Rúnar Bjarnason

Away With the Types! – Dave Gurnell

I’m looking forward to see what 2018 brings!

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